Balthazar Martinot C.1660-65.


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A most rare pendule religieuse by Balthazar Martinot Paris C.1660–65.

Price: £12,850.00

The ebony case has hanging hooks, side windows with broken arches top and bottom and a back door, which is walnut veneered on the inside with ebony lining. There is a gilt brass border to the front door and a case top ornament.

The brass dial measuring 25x20cms has retained its original velvet covering, has gilded brass corners, hands, chapter ring and fully signed hinged ornament. The dial plate is hinged opening frontwards to the left.

The movement plates 9 x10 cms are joined by 4 turned and ringed pillars has a verge escapement, a tandem barrel drive, and strikes the hours and ½ hours on a bell via an outside countwheel. There is a full signature on the backplate. Duration 30-hrs.

Balthazar Martinot born 1636 died 1714 one of the principle Paris clockmakers. Horologer Du roi to Louis X1V. Maker of very fine clocks using cases from the workshops of Andre Charles Boulle. Three are illustrated in “ Early French Pendulum Clocks” by Reinier Plomp.

Height: 17″ (43cms)
Width: 11″ (28cms)
Depth: 4 3/4 (12cms)

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