Edward Hariman C.1750


Ref No 143
A fine rotating globe moon clock.

Price: £12,500.00

The movement is of the highest quality with good wheelwork and finish. It has four turned pillars, unusual rack striking, continuous ball moon drive and strikes the hours on a bell. The 12in dial with engraved border has four season spandrels, Dutch style (wavy band) chapter ring, seconds ring and date aperture. It retains its original hands and turned blued steel winding hole inserts.

In the arch, flanked by spandrels is a globe moon, 1/2 silvered and 1/2 matt black, with a central ring numbered 1-29 1/2 and a pointer hand to read the age of the moon. This case is very attractive, with nice figuring and a deep reddish glow.

Edward Hariman was born around 1700 in the Crosby area (3 miles from Maryport) and was married in 1729. He moved to Workington in the early 1730’s and catered for the local market, making both 30-hour and 8-day clocks, he also made a few special clocks with astronomical dials, and the present example with a globe moon. He died in Workington in 1776.Full history on request.

Height: 90″ (225cms)

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