George Chandler C.1700


Ref No 674

A virtually untouched lantern clock by George Chandler of Drayton Parslow (Bucks) C.1700.


The posted frame case has side doors, frets, bell strap and bell, iron backplate and an unusual 2 hook and 2 spikes arrangement. It has good original wheel and metal work, anchor escapement with long pendulum and strikes the hours via a countwheel.

The dial has a 6 ¼” chapter ring, floral engraving and a bold signature, George Chandler Fecit.

A most rare finely patinated lantern clock with scratched repair marks inside the door for 1813 and 1816.

A similar but slightly later clock by Chandler can be seen in “Lantern Clocks by loomes” on pg 226.

George Chandler was born in 1654 and worked in Drayton Parslow and later in Wingrave (Bucks) a s well as a clockmaker he was well known as a bell founder. He died in 1729.

Height: 15 1/2″ (39cms)

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