George Pickett, 265 Oxford St


Ref No 730

A lovely little rosewood mantle / library timepiece

Price: £4,250.00
Sale Price: £3,250.00

The rosewood case with fine rosewood veneers has bun feet, brass front corners, lining underneath the flat top and a handle set into the top. The 8-day fusee movement has anchor escapement, shaped plates, 4 turned baluster pillars, a pendulum with above bob regulation and a holdfast.
The 3 ¾” silvered dial retains its original hands and is fully signed.

A handsome timepiece.

Height: 9 1/2 (24cms) handle down
Width: 7″ (18cms)
Depth: 5″ ( 13cms)

George Pickett was recorded working at 265 Oxford St, London from 1832 – 40.

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