Grant Fleet St. No 269 C.1805


Ref No 693

A very fine quality mahogany ¼ chiming bracket clock by Grant, Fleet St, London No 269 C.1805.

Price: £12,250.00

The arched mahogany case has a concaved moulded pediment flanked by 2 brass bound pads and 5 urn finials. There are brass capped reeded pillars with brass inlay to the front and back, brass side handles, frets and feet.

The 9” brass dial has 3 enamel dials one for strike- silent one for regulation and the time dial, which is fully signed. The robust beautifully made movement has thick plates joined together with 6 turned pillars, a ½ dead-beat escapement, ¼ striking on 2 bells and the hours on one. There is a pull ¼ repeat facility. A notable feature are the use of lignum vitae hammers for the bell striking. The backplate has a polished facetted pendulum rod with a brass bob, an engraved border and a central engraved cartouche, which is fully signed and numbered.

Note: This clock is illustrated and described in the “Georgian Bracket Clock” by Richard Barder pg 187.

Grant ( John) a member of the clockmakers company from 1781 and died in 1810. A maker of fine clocks including regulators. He signed his clocks Grant Fleet St, London.

Height: 21 1/2″ (55cms)
Width: 15 1/2″ (39 1/2cms)
Depth: 8 1/2″ (21 1/2cms)

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