James Drury C.1695


Ref No 612
A fine square dialled lantern clock by James Drury, London C.1695.

Price: £8,250.00

The case of typical form has a lovely yellow brass patina; it has dolphin frets, side doors, bell strap and bell. The two train movement has a verge escapement with a back swinging pendulum and strikes the hours via an outside countwheel, it has a finely decorated hammer spring.

The 7” dial has a silvered chapter and alarm disc (alarm removed) small cherub head corner spandrels and an iron hand. It is signed on the chapter ring James Drury, London.

James Drury was born in 1673 and was apprenticed to Francis Hill until 1694. He was free of the clockmakers company in April 1695. He worked at St. Stephen, Coleman Street Parish. He was a maker of great repute making lantern, longcase and bracket clocks. He died in 1740.

Height: 15″ (38cms)

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