John Wright C.1760


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A very original and decorative late 18th century tavern clock by John Wright of Dorking.

Price: £16,250.00

The 24″ wooden dial with gilt and black surround, Roman and Arabic numerals and original gilded hands, the minute one being counter balanced. The long trunk has a full signature flanked by foliage decorated spandrels, a most decorative door with a central painted rural scene and a floral border. Floral and foliage decoration continues on the base and sides, and there are two leather hinged side doors for movement access.

The 4 pillar 8-day movement has tapered plates, a five wheel train and original weight and pendulum.

John Wright of Dorking (Surrey) was recorded working from 1771-1828.

The print on this clocks door is:

“Old Darby & Joan” by John June.Published by N. Carpenter, 60 Spencer St, London around 1760. One of these prints is in the British Museum and has the following verse`s beneath.

Old Darby, with Joan by his Side,You`ve oft-times regarded with Wonder, He is dropsical, she is sore ey`d,Yet they`re ever uneasy asunder:

Together they totter about,Or sit in the Sun at the door:And at Night when old Darbys Pot`s out,His Joan will not smoak one Whif more.

No beauty nor Wit they pofsefs,Their several Failings to smother,Then what are the Charms can you guefs,Which makes them so fond of each other?

`Tis the pleasing Remembrance of Youth,The Endearments that Youth did bestow,The thoughts of past pleasure and truth,The best of all blefsings below.

Details of this clock and its door print can be seen in the tavern clock by Martin Gatto pg 74 and 199.

Height: 58″ (147cms)

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