Pierre Le Maire C.1675


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A fine early French pendule religeuse by Pierre Le Maire, Paris C.1675.

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The case is veneered in tortoiseshell and ebony with the front door and arched top being inlaid with engraved brass scrolling foliage. There are three torch and drapery finials.

The most beautifully made 8-day movement strikes the hours and ½ hours on a bell. It has 5 turned vase shaped back pinned pillars, separate going and striking barrels, finely decorated metal work, silk suspended verge escapement with cycloid cheeks, a numbered outside countwheel and a fully signed backplate.

The black velvet covered dial has an 8” applied gilt brass chapter ring with outside minutes, pierced and engraved gilt brass hands and is signed on a central gilt brass shield flanked by putty trumpeters.

The case of this clock may be attributed to the workshops of Andre Charles Boulle, who was working in the Louvre nearby and is known to have made large numbers of cases for all the prominent makers of the last quarter of the 17th century.

Literature: Vehmeyer collection volume II page 800-7. D.R.Plomp. Early French pendulum clocks 1658-1700 pg69.

Pierre Le Maire, the son of Henri was working in St Germain Paris in 1675 along with his son Jean. Working there would have allowed them to come into contact with the finest case makers and bronzists of the period and they produced some exceptional clocks.

They were Protestants and he and his son were imprisoned in St Germain Abbey and their material sold in 1687. He is thought to have gone to Amsterdam with his son around that time.

Height: 17 1/2″ (45cms) excluding finials.
Width: 12″ (30 1/2 cms)
Depth: 5 1/4″(13 1/2″ cms)

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