Thomas Holmes C.1790.


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A most amazing high quality 6 bell ¼ chiming clock by Thomas Holmes, Cheadle C.1790.

Price: £18,250.00

The very fine case of London manufacture (almost identical to one we have with a movement by John Arnold, London) has a domed top with brass edged pads and a carrying handle. The sides have fish scale frets and the front door is brass lined. It sits on 4 finely finished brass feet.

The 8” arched silvered dial has two arched on / off rings one for the hours and the others for the quarters, of particular note are the wavy hands.The 8-day movement strikes the hours on one bell and the ¼`s on 6 bells.

Outstanding movement features:

½ dead beat escapement.
Delicacy of strike & chime lever work and symmetrical lay out.
Roller in hour hammer return spring.
Centre fussee reversed.
Geneva stopwork on all fussee`s outside the backplate set in a shaped housing the cover of which is fully signed.
The clock chimes the ¼`s on 6 bells and the hours on one, but the pull repeat chimes the hours and ¼`s.
The pendulum assembly has a brass slider set in the bob.

We think this clock was bought from John Holmes of London – to whom Thomas may have been a customer.

Thomas Holmes of Cheadle Staffordshire was born in 1763 and died in 1822. A maker of standard longcases.

Height: 17″ (43cms) handle down
Width: 12 1/2″ (32cms)
Depth: 8″ (20 1/2cms)

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