William Carter Amphill C.1715 / 20


Ref No 650

An attractive small hook & spike timepiece alarm by William Carter Amphill (Bedfordshire) C.1715 – 20.

Price: £2,850.00

The 4 ½” high brass birdcage movement has a verge escapement inside bob pendulum and an alarm placed outside on the backplate, it retains its original hook and spikes.

The 7” dial has silvered chapter and alarm dials, cherub head corner spandrels, good hand, a centre engraved with flowers and foliage which is fully signed below 12.

William Carter Amphill was born in 1677. He was working from 1698 until he died in 1737. He is listed as a clockmaker, blacksmith and locksmith.

Height: 8 1/2″

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