William Cribb C.1830


Ref No 726

A very high quality mahogany ¼ striking on 8 bells table / mantel clock by William Cribb, London C.1830.


The arch topped case of the finest quality has ebony side columns, brass side frets and pad feet. The substantial 8-day movement has thick plates joined by 5 turned and tapered pillars, anchor escapement and a large pendulum with above bob regulation and a fully signed backplate.

The ¼’s are chimed on 8 bells and the hours on one. The 8” silvered dial is finely engraved with flowers and foliage, it retains its original hands and has a strike – silent lever. Fully signed “W E Cribb, Southampton Row, Russell Square, London”.

William Cribb originated from Coventry, but moved to London where he was recorded working in Theobald’s Rd then Southampton Rd, Russell Square C1816 – 1876. He specialized in making high quality chronometers and precision clocks.

Height: 16″ (41cms)
Width: 11 3/4″ (30cms)
Depth: 8″ (20 1/2cms)

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